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Environmental, Health & Safety

DuBois continues to go beyond legal compliance with an environmental management system (EMS) aimed at minimizing our environmental impact, and being leaders in our communities.  That program leads to significant reductions in water use and waste generation from our operations year after year.  We are also committed to continuous improvement in creating best-in-class products that also help you maintain your legal and environmental requirements.

Safety Programs

Keeping your employees safe as they work with our products is a top priority.  Beyond the safety focus that is at the forefront as we develop our products, we have a team of regulatory specialists, product experts, and chemists dedicated to providing Safety Data Sheets and product labeling that provide complete and clear information on proper handling and PPE. 
Our employees take part in monthly required safety training which cover all aspects of our business. Our team’s recordable injury and illness rates are significantly below the industry average. We also offer to assist our customers’ safety programs with presentations and other materials. All of this is part of our commitment to creating a safe work environment for our employees and our customers. 

Environmental Management System Policy