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The RedRhino® line of sealants and protectants includes drying agents, spray waxes, clear coat sealants and tricolor foam products.  Our wax products contain the best modern synthetic waxes. 

Our Durashield Total Car Protectant is a breakthrough total car protectant with polymer film technology and Body Armor® additive to bond longer and stronger to the surface of the car. 

Our new RedRhino Hot Wax with Carnauba produces a soft and shiny surface for a difference you can really feel!  This new, high foaming polish is infused with carnauba wax to give cars a hand waxed softness and shine. Hot Wax with Carnauba provides exceptional foam and show with a pleasant piña colada fragrance and is ideal for foaming wax arches.  See it in action below!

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RedRhino Product Line
RedRhino Hot Wax with Carnauba