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The SuperSmart System is a patent-pending remote chemical mixing and monitoring system. SuperSmart blends raw materials with water on site thereby eliminating the shipping and storing of water. The system also monitors the usage of not only the products it blends, but also all the other products used in the wash cycle.

The Chemistry Is Smart.
SuperSmart utilizes super-concentrated alkaline and acid bases combined with super-concentrated solvents and surfactants to blend a final detergent at your location thus saving you money.

The System Is Smart.
The patent-pending SuperSmart system is designed to:
1. Add the appropriate amount of alkali or acid base
2. Add the appropriate amount of surfactant/solvent
3. Fill with water and blend
4. Convey to storage for use in the wash cycles

The Information Makes You Smart.
The system electronically monitors measurements through floats and the SuperSmart Flow Center which allows for up-to-the-minute cost information.

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