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Total Power

Total Power is a breakthrough all-in-one detergent concentrate for use in the SuperSat® system. 

The SuperSat Custom Detergent System is a powerful vehicle wash system that automatically makes a long lasting supply of detergent on site and on demand! This detergent process reduces waste and promotes efficiency by using the water on-site to create a finished product.

SuperSat and Total Power offer:

  • Lower costs: SuperSat’s concentrated detergents save on manufacturing, shipping and warehousing costs.
  • Superior cleaning technology: Total Power outcleans the competition at a typical savings of 20-30% versus traditional liquid detergents.
  • Automatic detergent process: The blending system comes in custom sizes and can be charged with product to wash for weeks without adding additional powder! Total Power has unmatched simplicity and ease of use.
  • Compact packaging: No more empty drum disposal, no totes to move in and out of your operation-just compact and easy-to-handle recyclable boxes.

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