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DuBois has a broad range of technologies to help take your board machine efficiency and production to the next level.  Some key technologies include:

  • DuPulse is a patented method of press fabric cleaning that can help reduce breaks, decrease water loading on press felts, improve press dewatering and reduce press felt-related issues with sizing and strength additives.
  • The Accel line of cleaners is designed for cleaning press felts on high-speed machines during production.
  • The Nexus line of products are designed to eliminate deposition, sheet defects and runnability issues caused by wood pitch and recycled fiber contaminants. These products can be used for roll or fabric treatment.
  • The Neutra Solve line of cleaners is specifically designed for recycled fiber stickies. These patent-pending products can help reduce VOC and are more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent cleaners.