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DuBois has a broad range of technologies to help take your tissue machine efficiency and production to the next level.  Some key technologies include:

  • DuPulse is a patented method of felt cleaning that can help reduce breaks, increase machine speed and reduce downtime batch washes. DuPulse can also reduce or eliminate press felt-related issues from wet strength, CMC and other tissue additives – especially when used with the patented Altrox cleaner.
  • The Accel line of cleaners is designed for cleaning press felts on high-speed machines during production.
  • Neutra Shield is a unique product that makes the forming fabric or press felt more water-loving, making it extremely resistant to deposit buildup. This results in reduced breaks, holes, defects and downtime batch washes.
  • The Neutra Solve line of cleaners is specifically designed for recycled fiber stickies. These patent-pending products can help reduce VOC and are more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent cleaners.