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Process Cleaning

DuBois uses innovative low temperature technologies to create proprietary process cleaners that enable you to operate your cleaning equipment at the lowest possible temperatures while maintaining your cleanliness standards.

Cleaners/Rust Inhibitors: Our product offering enables us to match a custom cleaner to your application equipment, soil load, cleanliness requirement, storage needs, and environmental considerations.

Vibratory/Mass Finishing: DuBois compounds are used to provide pre-plate, pre-paint, and pre-assembly finishes for a variety of industries, including; die casters, platers, screw machine shops, metal stampers, and machine shops.   We have products designed for burnishing, degreasing, deburring, and deflashing.

Precision Cleaning:  We have a broad range of both water-based and solvent cleaners that can be used in ultrasonic washer and hand cleaning applications.

Paint Mask In-Line Stripping:  Our cleaners remove unwanted paint and leave behind a barrier so subsequent paint overspray will not easily adhere to the mask.  This helps maintain the definition of the edge of the image and will extend the life of your masks.

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